At Clarifying Cleft we want to illuminate stories of those that have/had cleft palate and cleft lip. We hope that as you read some of these stories you feel inspired by their bravery and perseverance.


Born to Karlie and Eric Shrive in 2019, Sophia Shrive was diagnosed with cleft lip during an ultrasound. Sophia had to undergo surgery at the age of 6 months and again at 1 to repair her cleft palate. She is now in speech therapy and facing her problems head-on.


Benjamin was adopted from an orphanage by Jane Davis at around at 3. Through raising him, Davis recounts that Benjamin dealt with issues involving eating, speaking, and drooling. After getting surgery with the Center for Craniofacial Care, Benjamin can now clearly pronounces a variety of consonants and speak in full sentences. He attends speech therapy weekly after preschool. Twice a year he visits the cleft clinic at the CCC for updates about his future.


Nathan, now 26, was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. When he was growing up, he received over 30 surgeries, often multiple in one year. He is thankful for family and friends who supported him along the way and his journey. His advice to those in a similar situation is to "live your life and make what you want to make of it. Be honest with yourself and your parents, as this will support your path throughout treatments.


Stacey was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Always smiling from when she was a little girl she faced harsh criticism and bullying for her appearance in secondary school. However, going on to study photography at university, she is now a medical photographer. Doing the job for 17 years she feels as if it's a way for her to give back, as she can empathize with patients and support them through their own temporary setbacks.

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